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LRB Mattress

Lion Insulation produces precisely engineered Light Resin Bonded Fibrous Insulation. We make LRB mattress with One Side / Double Side – G.I. or S.S. Wire Netting Stitched. Used in large process pipe-work, tanks, vessels boilers and ducts


Bonded Slab

Bonded slabs are aesthetically engineered for a wide range of applications. We deliver Resin Bonded Insulation Slabs with or without aluminium foil facing. Bonded slabs are used in Commercial buildings viz. Malls, Hotels, Hospitals etc to give better sound proofing.


Preformed Pipe Sections

Pipe Sections for steam pipe lines in oil refineries, petrochemical plants and others, where restricting heat flow plays a vital role. Also capable to withstand low and high amplitude vibrations making it more versatile in industrial applications.


Loose Wool

A specific combination of volcanic rocks and well-defined bio-soluble chemicals are used in Nodulated LionRock. Nodulated LionRock is used for dry and wet mixes in application like moulded clutch facings, industrial friction products, brake linings etc




Industrial use insulation products made for high temperature corrosive environments, learn MORE..

Commercial products for Duct, HVAC, Wall and Roof learn MORE...

Residential applications for hot and cold weather protection learn MORE

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Lion Group News

Won Project Independent Engineer Services for Operation and Maintenance of Jhansi – Orai section stretch of NH-25 (New NH-27) (km 90.300 to km 225.713) total length 135.413 km in the state of Uttar Pradesh on OMT basis (Package – OMT-12). Client: National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)
ongratulation, We have been Awarded the Project – Consultancy Services for feasibility study and preparation of Detailed Project Report for improvement and up-gradation of in principle and newly declared National Highways in the State of Uttar Pradesh Package-III (i) Gorakhpur (NH-27) Deoria-Salempur-Bihar border (ii) Near Gonda (NH-330)-Near Jarwal (NH-927) Allahabad-pratapgarh-Sultanpur-Faizabad-Ayodhya-Nawabganj-Gonda-terminating at NH-730 near Balrampur (portion from Ayodhya to Balrampur Via Gonda (iii) Bihar Border – Chandauli (NH-19) (249.00 kms) Client: Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORT&H)