Corporate Responsibility

We continue to work toward reducing waste streams by operating more efficiently and seeking out improvements in material utilization. As we design and manufacture new building materials and engineered products, our focus is on how well the materials will perform over their life cycle while protecting human health and the environment.

Social Responsibility

Lion Group cares deeply about its people as an employer and also the society. Social aspect of sustainability to further support the local community by water preservation, we continue to reduce our safety incident rates and maintain a respectful and efficient workplace.

We place great importance to sustainability and on the impact we have in the communities where we manage people and manufacture our products. Our outreach includes employee volunteer programs, charitable giving, product donations and hosting plant tours and site visits for interested parties, including government and community leaders.

Environment Responsibility

At Lion Insulation, it is our goal to meet the needs of current stakeholders without sacrificing the needs of future generations. As a manufacturing company, we strive to minimize the adverse impacts of the materials we use, the products we manufacture and the processes we use to produce them. In fact, a significant number of our sustainability goals are focused on reducing our environmental footprint while making a positive contribution to society.