We offer the broadest range of insulation solutions engineered for the most demanding industrial applications. Each of our products provides unique features and benefits to ensure you have consistent performance that meets your specifications and design criteria


Lion Insulation provide the spectrum of necessary features to cater to all oil refinery applications - from the moderate-temperature applications found in catalytic reforming to the high-temperature applications


Lion Insulation products provide corrosion inhibiting performance . We provide LionRock pipe and block insulations, and a non-combustible fire-protection line. We help create the safest environments possible while improving process control, and reducing energy loss


Our industrial insulations aim to provide products that improve process control by reducing heat loss, emissions and energy consumption, and address top-of-mind issues in the industry like corrosion under insulation, improving the ease of installation, and creating safe-to-touch environments.

High Temperatures

Lion Insulation products operate at the high temperature conditions of Industrial applications

Anti Corrosion

Suitable for Petroleum Chemical and other corrosive industrial applications, Lion Insulation products are anti corrusion

Energy and Environment Efficient

Our Products use and applications help in the best insulation saving energy and supporting the environment