Noise barrier series developed by Lion Insulation Pvt Ltd is specially designed to reduce noise generated by traffic & other sources for highways, metros, road sides, industrial premises, railways for both noise, vibrations and harshness control.


Features of Lion Acoustics Noise Barrier :

Weather proof: The Lion Acoustics noise barriers are made of steel that are mild/galvanized to ensure that they are resistant to all kinds of weather. The barrier sheets are also UV coated to ensure that they are not affected by the atmosphere.

Non-corrosive: Steel are susceptible to rust or corrosion and hence the protective coating of sheet  is a sound choice.

Strong & durable: Metal is renowned for its strength and durability. Its galvanized coating also helps to ensure durability. The barriers will stand up against strong winds and storms. The strength of the metallic barriers also prevents damage due to malicious intent and a general destructive attitude.

Soundproofing: The Lion Acoustics noise barrier sheets have rubber lining at the joint to ensure that there is no noise leakage.

Fire retardant: The  Lion Acoustics noise barriers are classed as fire retardant material.

Easy to Handle: Due to light weight , it is easy to handle during installation and maintenance.

  • The noise barriers are an important key in modern city life. Especially the residences and wildlife near the highways suffer a lot from noise pollution which can only be prevented with noise barriers.
  • To protect people from noise pollution and aesthetic view, highways and busy traffic roads should be surrounded by noise barriers.
  • Noise barriers are important not only on highways but also on train roads, subways, trolleys, and other types of roads. because all the sounds from these spread to the whole city.
  • Noise pollution affects not only humans but also animals and other living forms. Noise pollution creates stress which has serious psychological effects on every living individual.
  • The effects of the importance of noise barriers are visible in modern people’s physical and mental health.