Safety is our prime concern. While manufacturing and supplying best quality rock material, we are constantly focused towards establishing supreme level safety. Our safety concerns mainly include safety of employees at workplace, safety of environment/surroundings and safety of end users.

LionRock is perfect product for effective insulation. Best quality fabrics are used at high temperature levels to ensure proper insulation. Whether these insulation products are used in residential sector, commercial sector or industrial sector, safety experts at Lion insulation provide complete guidelines.

User guidelines and usage instructions provided by our experts unfold complete information about safety while using insulation in your building. These guidelines enable users to stay safe against accidental cases, fire issues, exposure, injuries, itching & infections and chemical reactions etc.

This ensures that you keep yourself safe while enjoying the thermal comfort offered by brilliant experts of Lion Insulation. Our experts strictly choose the best methods to empower our clients with best safety assistance. We also guide the users for effective usage & control of insulation products and provide ecological information as well as disposable considerations.

Safety Data Sheet

While using best grade of insulation in your building, it is important for you to enhance safety standards. To make sure your health is prevented against inhalation, skin itching, irritation in eyes and ingestion, we have provided certainly guidelines. Download the guidelines mentioned below to prevent accidental and health hazards. Go through the guidelines thoroughly and understand the preventive measures in detail.