We stand for sustainability

LionRock insulation does not only help in creating sustainable buildings; it is made from a natural material and produced in a sustainable way too.

Independent assessors agree that reducing consumption through passive insulation is the first step to saving energy. LionRock products allow new and existing buildings to benefit from durable, efficient and versatile thermal insulation.

LionRock insulation is made from stone wool – consisting of a blend of naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock. This stone is a renewable and plentiful natural resource, which is continually replenished naturally from within the earth. Our high-tech production process utilises filters, pre-heaters, after-burners and other cleaning collection systems to ensure an environmentally responsible approach.

The sustainable choice

Selecting the right insulation and installing it correctly is an investment that will quickly pay for itself with lower utility bills. As insulation is an extremely cost effective means of improving energy efficiency it works continuously and requires no maintenance or replacement over the years. LionRock insulation has performed to the same high standard for decades. In addition to excellent thermal properties, LionRock products also boast unmatched acoustic and fire performance.