The structures of huge commercial building require credible insulation, which is long lasting and has no loopholes. Quality range of Lion Insulation sheets and rolls provide enhance level of insulation in buildings specially designed for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation, used in ceilings, walls, floors and roofs.

Commercial Building Insulation
Lion Building Insulation products are effectively used for Commercial Building Insulation, Duct Insulation, Fire Retardant, HVAC, Panels for Acoustic purpose / Noise control. Lion Insulation is ideal for building insulation.
Duct Insulation
Lion Insulation in commercial buildings for duct insulation is a multipurpose solution with flexible applications and long lasting results
Warehouse and Storage Insulation
Best thermal insulation for large scale applications for energy efficient warehouse and storage from Lion Insulation
Noise Absorption
Lion Insulation is best suited for Building insulation with superior noise absorption qualities and best results in Indian environment
Thermal Insulation
The fiber quality of Lion Insulation is tested for best results for thermal insulation in Indian climate conditions
Low Energy Bills
Lion Insulation provides the most competitive return of your investment in Insulation with a energy savings paying off in a short time the cost of insulation